Shivaun Gyan

United Arab Emirates

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I am a Caribbean-born, former Big 4 Director, with work experience spanning more than 20 countries. I became the UAE Country Partner for SME Skills Consultancy in early 2020. Based in Dubai, I work as a consultant, trainer and sales coach to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to improve their Sales Strategy, Process, Pitch and Attitude to optimise their selling potential through solid, conclusive and undeniable gains in their revenues. 

I joined the SME Skills Academy because of their solid track record of success in mentoring owners of SMEs in the UK towards doubling and in many cases, tripling the sales revenues of their clients in as short as six to twelve months.

The unique perspective I bring to the table stems from my background as a UK Chartered Accountant, Internal Audit and Risk Management Director and Startup CFO, working across sectors and business profiles. My newly minted MBA from one of London's Top Business Schools has also given me a renewed perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

As the son of Small Business Owners, I strongly believe that SMEs are the fibres that bind the business community to the people it serves. My purpose now, more than ever, is to work alongside bright and brave entrepreneurs to help them reimagine their strategies to survive and thrive through these unprecedented times. ⁠

Outside of work, I love to keep fit, hit the beach and catch a great flick in a fancy cinema! One thing (ok maybe two things) many people in this part of the world don't know about me is that I used to be a morning drive time radio deejay and even had a small part of a local soap opera!


Shivaun in a nutshell:

  • Proud to be a "trini" ( A native of Trinidad & Tobago)

  • 15+ years in consulting from the Caribbean to China (and everywhere in between)

  • Loves to workshop, brainstorm new ideas and challenge the norm

Favourite Quotation“Your Attitude Not Your Aptitude Will Determine Your Altitude.” – Zig Ziglar