Wish you could have every Friday off? 🙌

Have you considered running your own thriving consultancy business and decide for yourself when to work and when to be off? The SME Skills Academy Franchise Programme is a specialised business solution, giving you everything you need to set up your own consultancy,whilst benefiting from the experience of one of the top sales companies in the world. Running a franchise takes away the guess work, SME Skills Academy have already built the systems for you. All you need to do is be willing to follow the system, and put in the time to grow your business. The franchise programme provides you with:

  • Initial training

  • Service development

  • Administrative support (invoicing, payment collections, contracts)

  • Free CRM system for one year, to manage your pipeline

  • Mentoring and coaching to enhance skillset

  • Exposure on our website

  • Full lead generation appointment booking service- 6 qualified appointments per month for the first 3 months

  • A database of contacts in the area

  • Social media, content and communication optimisation service for the first 3 months

Ready to find out how quickly we can get you up and running? Book your free 45-minute discovery session to find out if it's the right opportunity for you.


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