"I believe SMEs need tending to bloom, blossom and breed..."

Meet Carol Lupiya, newest addition to the SME Skills Team. Carol is a Global Chartered Management Accountant and holds an International Masters in Business Management. In her own words she joined SME Skills Academy because: "I believe SMMEs need tending to bloom, blossom and breed to higher levels of enterprise performance. Therefore, I made it my mission to provide the best tools to tender and scale SMME businesses to next level business performance. And no matter what challenges surround SMMEs, I am here to scale their business." If you're interested in getting more clients for your business and grow your income & profits - without doubling your workload, you are in luck! As in this case The 4 Pillars of Sales Methodology is for you and Carol is holding a FREE lunch time webinar on Tuesday 8th June that will cover:

  • An overview of our proven and practical methodology, The Four Key Pillars of Sales, focusing on Attitude

  • Constructive, direct feedback on your current sales approach

  • Personalised interaction

The webinar will be highly interactive and engaging to ensure all participants benefit from attendance.

We will also provide personalised one-on-one support after the session, where you can book your free 45-minute consultation to help you implement the strategy effectively (bespoke, complimentary, non-obligatory help).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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