How to boost your sales during the pandemic

"In 4 months we generated 44 deals, our annual target was 60! So we are very grateful for SME Skills Academy!"

- Jo Lowther, CEO of Kick

Have you ever wished you had a consistent, reliable way to turn your cold audience into hot prospects who are eager and excited to buy from you? On Wednesday, 10th February at 3pm (GMT) we are holding a FREE masterclass for those business owners who have been hit hard by economy changes in 2020 and are struggling to recover from it, and for those who want to exceed sales targets in 2021. During the masterclass you will receive:

  • An overview of our proven and practical methodology, The 4 Pillars of Sales: Sales Strategy, Sales Process, Sales Pitch and Sales Attitude. Get these right and you will see phenomenal results.

  • Constructive, direct feedback on your current sales approach during the pandemic.

The masterclass held by Mike Graham, Senior Partner of SME Skills Academy will be highly interactive and engaging to ensure all participants benefit from attendance.

We will also offer personalised one-on-one support after the session, where you can book your free 45-minute consultation to help you implement the strategy effectively (bespoke, complimentary, non-obligatory help). We look forward to seeing you there! SME Skills Academy

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