The top 5 Sales Strategies to increase your sales this year!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As the new year has started many businesses look for new strategies to enable them to achieve better results.

Like the old saying goes: 'You can achieve new results with old methods'.

One of the key factors to consider when attempting to increase your sales revenue is your sales strategy.

What is a sales strategy?

It’s a system you can use to enable you to generate more leads and improve the quality of those prospects- better quality leads will generate more sales, and if you can increase the volume then you’re onto a real winner!

A couple of years ago we worked with a company called Astute HR, a fantastic Employment law firm based in London. They were attempting to increase their sales but just couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door. We worked with them for 12 months, were we focused aggressively on where the new leads were coming from and the quality of those leads- in the period of 12 months they managed to more than double their turnover and are continuing to achieve fantastic results.

Your Sales Strategy is a key component of your sales system which enable you rapidly increase your sales figures. In this article I want to share with you the top 5 best sales strategies for 2020!

Top 5 sales strategies for 2020

1.Run your own webinars

Similar to in person events, the key difference being logistically there is a lot less to organise and worry about. You can host your webinars on platforms such as Zoom or Go To Webinar. Essentially you could run one of these a week and not worry too much about the numbers. Again, key thing here is consistency and also capturing the attendees contact details i.e. telephone number and emails so that you can have a strong follow up process.

2.Build Strategic Partnerships

A Strategic Partner (SP) is an individual or organisation with whom you collaborate and share resources. This kind of relationship is a win-win for both parties and can help you take your business to the next level by assisting each other in developing an edge in the marketplace. This channel is a fantastic way to generate better quality leads. Aim to find other professionals who can refer business to you. Introducers / strategic partners help you to generate hot opportunities where you will already have the trust element because the lead has been referred to you. Aim to recruit as many of these SP as possible to maximize your chances of receiving regular referrals.

3.Target your audience online / Social media

In today’s world to not have an online presence is madness. It can be hard sometimes to know what to do across all the different social media platforms. In reality its very hard to focus on all of them, so start of by focusing on your core one or two. Aim to pre-schedule your content a month in advance so that you always have an active social media presence and learn to use strong ‘’call to actions’’ to encourage people to engage with you offline.

4.Develop your network

As the saying goes- your net-worth is directly proportionate to your network! Regular networking keeps you front of mind with your contacts. Yes networking can be time consuming so be smart about how you network and who/ where you spend your time. Prioritize you top four events/ people who you need to network with every week or month and focus on meeting those first, if you then have time and energy attend/ meet others.

5.Run your own events

Running events to educate your target market is a fantastic way to generate more leads. These events don’t need to be huge in numbers. IN fact sometimes having only 10 people in the room generates fantastic results. The key is to run these events regularly so that you can continuously invite your audience to these events.

There is so much more when it comes to having a strong sales strategy, however if you can execute the above 5 sales channels effectively then I can guarantee you that your sales in 2020 will go through the roof!



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2020 is a new decade, a new year, new goals, new rituals- we wish you a phenomenal year ahead!


‘’When sales matter, we deliver!’’


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