How to set your Sales and Business goals for a successful 2020!

So, what is your turnover target this year?

A big question, which generates several different answers, that can range from:

  1. A lot

  2. More than last year

  3. I don’t know

  4. I would like to go from £300k PER annum to £600k

Four totally different answers and only one of them is correct. Can you guess which one?

Correct, 4.

Answer 4 gives us what we call a RESULT orientated goal. It’s a clear end result to be achieved within a certain time frame.

I'm going to assume for the purpose of this article that you (the reader) know what a SMART goal is. Because what I want to cover is this article is more the habit of goals setting and an incredibly useful technique to help you achieve those big RESULT orientated goals.

Let me give you an example. A few years ago we worked with an accountancy firm called Xceptional consultancy. When we started working with them the goal was to help them win more business, they were a new firm looking to grow their client bank. Within 24 months they went from 3 clients to over 100 clients on their books- a phenomenal achievement. One of the key factors in our 2 year working relationship was to focus on their goals on a weekly basis and ensure that they were being completed.

So let me share with you 5 key principles when it comes to you goal setting rituals:


When setting goals, the key is continuity. Making sure that the goal’s stay alive and thrive. A lot of times business owners set goals at the beginning of a month or quarter and they don’t follow through with the regularity of checking the progress of these goals that most of the time these goals are forgotten or ignored.

It’s vital to check your goals on a weekly basis to ensure that there is progress or maybe you need to adapt your way of achieving that goal.

Accountability system

If you are the only person that knows about your sales/ business goals then its easy to not achieve them. By having a good accountability system you give yourself an insurance policy on actually hitting those goals. A lot of times it is very hard if you know you are being accountable for your results to allow yourself to fall short.

Aim to get a coach or a business partner who will hold you accountable to consistently hitting your sales targets.

Result goals

Just like the example at the start of this article, you must have clearly defined RESULT goals. These are goals which have a clear end target.. I.e. to go from £300k to £600k. RESULT goals are intimidating as they are clearly defined and leave no room for error. However they are a vital part of not only growing and expanding your business but also measuring your progress through that journey.

Don’t be afraid to set big result goals, but be realistic with them otherwise they may demotivate you and make you feel as though you are not doing well.

Action goals

These goals are vital to helping you hit your RESULT goals. ACTION are activity based goals which will enable you to achieve your RESULT goals. For every 1 RESULT goal you should have 2 to 3 ACTION based goals. Action goals would be things such as-attend 4 networking events this week, make 50 prospect calls a day etc.

Put a strong emphasis on setting good ACTION goals as these will force you to stick to a good process to hit your main RESULT goals.

Focus points

You wont always hit all of your goals all the time and as a business owner you must learn to be ok with that. However you should set goals which are non- negotiable, these give you clear focus points. On a weekly basis it’s a good idea to set a clear focus point. So you may have 15/20 goals to achieve that week, but 3 or 4 of them are your focus points. Meaning those 3 to 4 goals must be achieved and only once they are done should you move on to the rest.

Focus points will help you to declutter your mind when setting your goals and enable you to execute your goals with clarity and consistency.

Possibly the most important part of goal setting with regards to sales and business is to understand the relationship between that goal and the activity required to achieve that goal.

The distance between where you are and your goals is called action!

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2020 is the a new decade, new year, new goals, new rituals- we wish you a phenomenal year ahead!

‘’When sales matter, we deliver!’’

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