Forget what you think you do. YOUR JOB IS SALES.

It doesn’t matter what business you think you are in; YOU ARE IN SALES! Whether you are someone selling a product, or a service or simply selling yourself. You must sell. You need to think this way to grow your business or strive for success within the company you work.

Sales is a tough business. Fact. When the economy is down, or the competition is tough, or the weather is too good or it’s the summer holidays soon there is always a time when selling is tough. Hearing a lot of “NO’s” can be demoralising in your professional life and devastating to your personal life; and it’s all too common that people lower their ambitions or make excuses for losing out on a sale or a potential client; they even start doubting their abilities; STOP; you are good at what you do; you just need to reassess your mindset. Highly skilled and successful people do not allow for temporary setbacks to define their sales results. This is what makes some people very successful. It is also what leaves most people wondering “How do they do it?”

Firstly, let’s be crystal clear about one thing; highly successful sales professionals are human too; just like you and everyone else. They are also subject to the same inner doubts that try to discourage and doubt mentality; however, working in sales at various levels over the years has taught me what really separates the top earners and highly successful business and sales professionals from the crowd. It is their mental and emotional discipline. They keep focused and constructive even in the down times. Don’t fret; there is good news; ANYONE can learn to train their mindset and focus on their own lives to reap the benefits.

The success stories in the sales world lay a strong foundation on three solid mindsets.

1) THE BUSINESS. Believe in your product/service. Highly successful professionals are passionate about what they can offer. They are unbelievably enthusiastic about the value and benefits they offer to their potential customers. Yes, they do also care about closing a sale (we all do) and supporting the business to grow, but it is also important to them to know that what they can offer people is exceptional in every sense of the word. The confidence they have can motivate them through even the tough times.

2) TRAINING. Believe in your training. Effective training is a key to success in sales. I’m not just talking about product training or being able to pitch features and benefits; anyone who can read a website or leaflet can come away with a basic product/service knowledge. What I am talking about here is solid, in-depth training in a sales process, customer relationship strategies and pitch effectiveness not to mention your confidence and appearance and general conversational abilities.

3) YOU. Believe in yourself. Books, DVDs and even full courses costing thousands of pounds have been built around this very topic. It is huge; the golden nugget of creating and maintaining a consistently positive mental focus. Situations don’t cause emotions. If someone doesn’t want to sign up with you, THAT’S OK. It’s what we think about the situation that causes the emotions. In turn our emotions determine how we act next. If someone says no to you, do you overthink the situation or can you move on without dropping a positive attitude and focus. In a nut shell; this is human behaviour. What follows is an example of how this is applied to a sales process.

Sales Adviser (Rob) to manager, “The economy is terrible, no-one is buying, my customers hate me, I can’t get more people to come through the doors, there is too much competition, the product isn’t good enough… I can’t sell, I give up. Over the past month I have seen/spoken to 200 people and I can’t get a final appointment, obviously I haven’t got a chance to sell if I can’t get anyone in for a final appointment”

Manager to sales adviser; “That’s odd. I was talking to Sally this morning and she was really excited; she told me that even though she has so far had 200 unsuccessful potential bookings she was convinced her luck was about to change. She has refocused her strategy, looked at her pitch and had a rethink about her process. She was so excited to give it another go today.”

The sales advisers have had the same situation. 200 chances to sell with no sale. Rob believed this meant there was no opportunity for him and his mindset had flipped to doubt everything other than himself, so he was ready to quit. Sally however, rather than blaming the economy or the type of lead etc believed this only to be a temporary slump that could be rectified by changing her approach. To her, the situation represented an opportunity to succeed by learning something new, a chance to freshen up her strategy, process and pitch.

Sally has learnt to tell herself a different story, Rob looked at his slump and told himself he was going to fail. Sally used the slump as an opportunity to change herself and try to learn something new that could help her chances of success. It is easy to see which story will have the happier ending.

Highly successful people never let the situation (e.g. the economy, the customer, the weather) define them or dictate their attitudes and emotions. Instead, they believe in their product, they believe in their training and they believe in themselves and their ability to adapt, grow and learn from any situation to achieve greater success.

Developing strategies and processes that help professionals build their confidence and control their focus is a huge component of growing a business. As a sales coach this is what I specialise in. I can help business owners refocus their attitude and literally train people to make more money.

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