The Formula For Growing your Business

Is it a secret? No! Is it painstakingly obvious? an optical illusion, the one that's all black and white squares hiding a picture of a boat which takes a few minutes to see. Do you need to know this? Yes!!!

But like most things: it's simply the case of looking at the same thing you always do from a different perspective or "frame of reference" as my Physics teacher used to say.

I felt it important to write this article because once I started to appreciate this formula I started seeing a huge difference in the way I conducted myself at work. My focus-targets shifted, I did a self-analysis (the hardest analysis there is) and cut myself away from ankle weights that were stopping me from reaching my potential. You might say I cleansed my sales attitude and put some premium "motion lotion" into my "get-up-and-go" engine.

I was meeting prospects and passing on the passion I have for what I do and helping them to see the difference between where they are and where they could be; that I was the solution to the problem: the space rocket that was going to elevate them to being able to smash through the glass roof they perceived was inevitably in their way to reaching their success amongst the stars.

Why is it so important? I asked earlier if you need to know this formula and I wasn't lying when I said yes. The simple truth is if you are in business and you aren't trying to grow, the space you could occupy will just be taken up by somebody else - some competing company will take the space, dominate your market, become the most trusted brand and you will start to suffocate like the rose amongst the weeds.

You need to make the decision to take a stand, to get up and think: "If I'm not growing, I'm stagnant and standing still beside the competition." As a passionate rugby player in my youth, I can confidently say that no ground was ever made by accepting the ball standing still, you've got to be moving, at pace, to put momentum on your side to score and win the game.

Would you rather your business be the mighty torrent carving is way through the Amazon rainforest: moving tree, shrub, earth and rock before it or the bucket of smelly rainwater in your back garden that you forgot to put away last year that's got nowhere to go, gone that nasty rust colour and even your dog has given up drinking from? I know which one I would rather be, I chose what I wanted my business to be.

I chose to grow, to stay in business, to start dominating instead of competing and start making myself vital to prospects because that's what keeps you in business and makes you a success, as I said in a previous article I wrote: "Sales Over Marketing" any business only needs to do 2 fundamental things well:

1) Provide a product or service that gives value to people and

2) Sell that product or service to clients.

By employing the formula which I shall describe later will allow you to mould the income that you set out in business to achieve. You can even go beyond it because it is possible for you to earn 10 times the amount you currently bring in each year.

We pledge to double or triple your sales in 6 months, but after 6 months you can continue up to 10X that amount of income! Most people raise their chin slightly and nod in curious wonder and apprehensive disbelief initially when I tell them I can double or triple their sales in 6 months, what virtually no one realises is that it's easy to get to 10X their current turnover.

The first step is believing you can do it, committing to that journey, planning and implementing (B.C.P.I.)...Well, guess what? I bet most of you reading this wouldn't think that the hardest two are the first two: Believing and Committing.


Because you will already have done the planning and implementing to get to double or triple what your income was at 6 months ago!!!! Then like a fancy soap commercial just rinse and repeat, RINSE AND REPEAT!!! Existence, in all its glory, has based itself on revolutions, the earth around the sun, the water cycle, the wheel, re-runs of Friends and the A-Team, the Circle of Life!! RINSE AND REPEAT: it is your ticket to success! (Maybe I should create a mnemonic for that: B.C.P.I.: Business-owners Can Pass Infinity.)

Where most people get stuck on this pathway is usually over the implementation of their product or service...either that or they can't sell ( I've lost count of the number of times I spoke to a prospect about helping them to kick-start their growth NOW while the market and time is good and the response sounds something like this:

"I don't want to grow quickly because there's a risk that the quality of my service will drop."

What Mr./Mrs. Potential Customer is missing is that thinking like that will not change your bank balance, you can't grow without the budget to do so, in the same way that you can't grow by saving and trimming expenses: but by multiplying your income.

In order to start massively expanding your income you need to take on more clients to build the budget until you reach the point of working at Capacity and then trim out the low-profit customers (or upsell them!!!), then increase your prices/restructure the product(s) you offer to make higher ticket sales then you can grow/take on more staff to cope with the workload = EXPANSION followed by...once more for the road: RINSE AND REPEAT.

With every revolution your client base will be evolving to having and spending more money, the sales you make will be more and more lucrative and by changing what you offer, the clients that stay with you are going to repeat-buy which will form the bulk of the income you generate.

In order to be able to do any of that: you need to explode your sales mindset to encompass the heights that you can actually reach - 10X this year's income IS possible if you B.C.P.I. it. Say it out loud again: Believe, Commit, Plan, Implement.

You need a Sales Strategy so efficient that it is churning out quality leads at a massively healthy rate fed straight into an Iron-clad Sales Process so they can soak up the deluge of value that you have to communicate through your sculpted pitch which stacks the odds in your favour of getting YES decisions over and over again - wait...isn't there an opportunity here for: "RINSE AN...."no I won't do it again, but you know, don't you?

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