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Getting out of bed in the morning sometimes, used to be a struggle before I started treating my Sales Attitude like a companion: along for the journey, never absent and directly responsible for my activity, productivity and mental wellbeing.

Your mindset and sales attitude in particular, isn't just about feeling chirpy all the time, or always having a smile on your face; its bouncing back from a bad day, picking yourself up after you've been chewed up by a bad sales meeting or pitch that went wrong, or putting the personal demons aside to go the extra mile, smash your targets and get the prize.

As a student of Biology I’m fascinated by theories about the greatest evolutionary advance in the history of our species such as:

- Standing upright

- The development of speech

- The opposable thumb

I believe that possibly one of the greatest but rarely mentioned was the development of cooking food. The idea that heating food breaks up cell walls within so when it is consumed more of the nutrition can be extracted by the digestive system.

This, whilst more relevant to the hunter gatherer who eats meat, fish, fruit and vegetables results in more energy readily available to support the development and function of the most complicated structure known in the universe: The human brain. This to me highlights how important nurturing the human mind is and how much fuel it needs to keep going every day.

To be successful and dominate the competition you need your mindset to be as healthy as possible - to overcome a hurdle you first have to envisage how to do it in your mind: decide you want to overcome the hurdle, plan it, research it, commit to it and prepare for it; all of which are all mental tasks before the last: DOING IT!!

If you have the right positive attitude, there is no hurdle that prevents you from surpassing your goals, the sky is just a hurdle...NOT your limit, the whole universe opens up beyond the sky, and what a beautiful and limitless thing it is.

With a strong attitude you will realise there is nothing you can't do. When you begin to think about things from this point of strength you are more likely to get the results you crave.

For many people their desire has synergy in some form or other with the famous sitcom tagline: "This time next year Rodders; we'll be millionaires..." nothing wrong with that dream but it was always the implementation going awry that made such great TV.

What you must realise as the master of your own life is that YOU are the expert in whatever you choose to do. Anyone that objects to the idea/product you are pitching, hasn't bought into the passion you hold for it:

"Objections to your pitch are peoples uncertainties coming out, they simply aren’t certain that you can provide them VALUE or meet their needs with what you offer."

To provide certainty you must develop the right POSITIVE mindset that you are an expert in your field. We all have heard the principle: Energy can't be created or destroyed, so why try to create energy or a buzz in somebody else about your product?

You have to TRANSFER that buying energy to prospects, you have to add value, you have to identify and meet a need, solve their problem and establish yourself as a figure of authority or influence on the subject.

Why don't you look at the transfer of energy as a value-add? Commanding the right mindset allows you to reach, connect with and provide value to all your prospects, if you can do this already the rest is easy: generating leads, pitching well and following the process to close the deal.

Having the right mentality from the start of the day begins with following a routine: humans like things to be ordered and quite often work in revolutions: circadian rhythm, the annual calendar or the morning commute. Put a solid structure in place at the beginning of the day and you are less likely to be getting stressed and ruin your Attitude.

Destruction is always easier than creation, so preventing a bad attitude is far easier, less time consuming and less stressful than trying to make good from bad.


Start off with the simple, separate your day into time blocks and set an alarm every day at the same time, schedule a few minutes for the morning routine like checking social media or writing a daily goals list. Allow yourself the time for ablutions and breakfast which you have decided on in advance and do jogging or yoga stretches or a gym visit and fit them in at the same time every day. Plan to leave for or start work at the same time every day and have your to-do list with you and continue pre-plan the days time slots. After maybe a couple of weeks following this same routine it will start to become habitualised and get easier and make you feel better about the day before it starts.

If you have other opportunities to put a routine in place throughout the it. Before every call or meeting I spend a few minutes writing bullet points of what I want to achieve in that meeting.

Every Friday afternoon I map out Monday morning, so that I don't feel low when it comes around, and I'm at the foot of the previous week's mountain of work. Make Monday work for you, instead of working Monday and your week will be set with a strong foundation for your Attitude.

The final element to building an iron-clad Sales attitude is realising YOU are the EXPERT, if you don't know this: people are more likely to reject your pitches. You know your product inside and out, you can pitch it for two minutes or two hours, you are the person that solves the problem in 2 minutes, that people have spent hours on. If you are the expert, people will gravitate towards you, they will ask your opinion, TRUST the VALUE that you offer and consider yourself vital.

Next steps

I’m going to close this article by sorting out those that WILL become more successful quickly, from those that will continue to work harder and take longer to reach success.

People that WILL:

• WILL start writing daily to-do lists last thing at night and update it first thing in the morning and work on it through the day.

• WILL put routines in place for every day.

• WILL decide on a personal development goal(s) for this and every month and work towards it continuously.

None of the above is ground-breaking, we all know it, you just need to do it. Build a positive attitude, and this time next year you will be richer and my promise to you is: you won’t just be richer financially.

When you’ve developed the attitude, or even if you struggle to find the spark but need help with Strategy, Process and Pitching, book yourself onto an MJB discovery session because “When Sales Matter...We deliver”, and reach what you set out to do...EVERY time.

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