Changing mindset to improve business development

We all have that little person sat on our shoulder, ready to give us nagging doubt or criticism when we are about to do something different, or out of our comfort zone.

This applies to attitude… when we are faced with developing our business sales and ideas – but how do we manage our mindset? And above all, how do we change to stay focused and to grow?

Step 1 – lets fix that mindset 'voice' – this is the voice that says “are you sure you can do this?”, “told you it was a risk and now you have failed”, “why bother? It’s not going to work” - well you get the picture, and I am sure we have all had some of those thoughts.

Step 2 – Think about your choices – think about how with a change of mindset, you can interpret challenges and setbacks, into strategies for growth and expand on your strengths, to fix how you are capable of being focused on growth

Step 3 – Get a Growth Mindset “voice” – this is the voice that says “I can do this”, “I want to be able to achieve this”, “All successful people have a failure somewhere” “I can fix this” – sounds more like you want to be right!

Step 4 -Set that Growth mindset into action – practice what you need to do, to get growth and performance.

Understand the strategy for business growth, link it with a growth process and define a pitch set to impress…

You have now changed your mindset to a growth mindset – this is the mindset that achieves goals, determines business development and success.

The Growth Mindset = The Success Mindset.

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