Nigel Brookes

Master Franchise

United Kingdom

I've been in sales for the best part of 10 years. I’ve done fast-paced mobile phone sales and experienced the long, drawn-out processes of the medical devices industry. Positions I've held include Inside Sales Representative, Sales Representative, Account Manager, and Sales Manager. 


I joined SME skills because I’m passionate about training.  I feel it is one thing to be good at something, it is quite another to be able to train others to be successful.  I love listening to my client’s testimonials, whose lives and businesses I have helped transform for the better.


Today, so many people are building businesses. And many are unfortunately failing because they’re unable to communicate their value to the right people, to sell enough of their product.  Quite often people hit a glass ceiling and their revenue plateaus.


I love helping people in that position by providing the rights skillsets, knowledge and training. We introduce our clients to simple systems that they use to increase their turnover. Keeping it simple means that anybody can use the skills we teach. I believe the only way to grow a business is to increase the top line, to do that you’ve absolutely got to get excited about closing sales.  I love being able to help people realise that they themselves have put that glass ceiling in place and we have the tools to take a hammer to it and help them fly.


My goal is to help as many people realise their dreams, whether that’s an extra holiday per year, retiring early, getting the dream house or simply getting their kids the presents they always wanted at Christmas. The vehicle to all of these things is increasing the revenue of your business.


We are a consultancy where people know who we are and what we do and don’t have to look far to get the help they need from us. I strive to be a Key Person of Influence in the field of sales development where my reach extends to as many people as possible.


If I could give people one short piece of advice it would be  "Get excited about what you do, you are the best person to sell your product/service so smash your glass ceiling as the sky is not the limit, space lies beyond which is beautiful and endless so stretch your wings and go."

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