Myles O'Connor

Saudi Arabia

Myles Oconnor.jpg

I came out to Saudi Arabia 10 years ago to help a company improve their sales. I’ve never left, and have now helped companies in every GCC country.

I joined SME Skills Academy as it’s the simplest, yet most effective set of systems to improve sales, and as such is a perfect fit for Middle East SME B2B focused companies. The systems guarantee to double or triple sales revenue and I get hugely excited each time I take on a new client.

Myles in a nutshell:

  • Sales Guru

  • Instructor & Speaker

  • Entrepreneur

  • IT savvy (slight geek)


My favourite quote is:  

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

To me, if we all stop and simplify what we are doing, remove or delegate the “busy work” that isn’t productive, we can achieve far more than we can imagine.