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Michael Graham


I love sales, and specialise in working with companies and helping them to increase sales and expand their customer base. We have an average success rate of helping our clients to double or triple their sales turnover within 6-12 months. We deliver this via tried and tested sales processes. As the founder my role is to deliver training and coaching whilst seeking new ways to improve your skills.

Michael Lartey-Maurer

Senior Consultant

Michael has helped hundreds of businesses and worked with dozens of clients to drive their sales in very short periods of time. He uses his expertise from National Audit Office, PwC and Teach First to deliver exceptional results. With a strong business, accounting and finance and teaching background, he is equipped with invaluable game changing knowledge and strong delivery capabilities. Michael is also a financial educator at Wealth Etiquette Group and a director of the Christian Millionaire Club.

Ifti Hussain

Sales Consultant

Having completed a Graduate Management position within a $10 billion company then moving onto opening and operating a very successful tuition company under franchise at the age of 23, Ifti has partnered with his long-term friend Ali, who is also a successful entrepreneur, to help small and medium sized companies double or triple their current turnover. Ifti has previously helped many new-start businesses in Edinburgh and Glasgow to get off to a flying start and these businesses are currently thriving. These include hot food takeaways, property management firms and also tuition centres.

Sharon Bartlett

Sales Consultant

With over 20 years’ experience in sales, business development and project management, Sharon has worked with clients across a variety of sectors, including global organisations such as Airbus, Shell, Unilever and Heineken. With a career spanning that length of time there aren’t many sales challenges that Sharon hasn’t faced and overcome, and now her focus is on bringing her extensive knowledge to help small businesses to double or triple their turnover in six months. With an emphasis on compiling practical application plans which identify quick wins as well as mid- and long-term goals, Sharon’s style is consultative and collaborative, ensuring that business owners feel fully supported throughout the programme while maintaining full control of the direction of their business.

Hassan Mohamed

Sales Consultant

Hassan is our Youngest Sales Consultant at just the age of 21 . Having started in business at just the age of 16, he is now one of our top Sales Consultants at the MJB Group based in London. For just a young adult Hassan processes a wild rage of skills which can’t be matched. He is a up and coming YouTube star with his very first book "Young and Hungry" to be launched. Hassan has over 5 years’ experience in Sales. Started off selling Cars and in which he sold 10 cars in this first week. Hassan possess excellent inter-personal and communication skills and is approachable, cheerful and friendly.


Sales Consultant

With over twenty years Business Development experience of sales and lead generation, Janet has built up a reputation of bringing on unique and customised sales to NHS, Local Authorities, Community Equipment Suppliers and some of the countries leading healthcare manufacturers and distributors.  This is a highly specialised area but Janet has encouraged many smaller manufacturers and mobility centres to embrace the need to change strategy and move to a more diverse outlook for their businesses thus increasing market share but also obtaining awards and recognition along the way. Healthcare professionals often seek advice from Janet when it comes to new equipment sales development and bringing these innovations to market through new outlets and tendering processes.

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Elizabeth Sullivan

Sales Consultant

Formerly a Chartered Accountant in the city, Elizabeth is a serial entrepreneur. Her businesses include Property Development in Knightsbridge and Career Coaching. She has also had several businesses in the food industry. Elizabeth is now a Sales Trainer and Coach at MJB, she enjoys helping clients triple their sales, get great results in their business and really enjoy doing sales.


Sales Consultant

After graduating from the university of Strathclyde with a master’s degree in neuroscience, I focused my efforts and invested into various business ventures. I established a property management service in Edinburgh and with the help of my business partner (and long-term friend!) Iftikhar, opened a tuition centre in Glasgow. In my free time, I do acrobatics and breakdancing! I have been an active member of the breakdancing community for the past decade and have organised many UK and European level events. Currently, our goal is to help business owners grow their businesses to become stable, efficient and optimised.

Darren Garraghan

Sales Consultant

Creativity is a defining characteristic of Darren and his approach to sales. He has always been a target driven sales enthusiast with a high level of customer and client service. His early career as an actor was invaluable in how he learned his trade; reading people and adapting to reactions was an instilled quality so that every sales environment becomes his stage. With an impressive sales career in a variety of products and services from high ticket items to VIP packages right through to selling toys; he has encountered every customer at every level and has always followed the mantra that people buy from people. Now in business and sales development he has plied what he accomplished as a sales professional educating SMEs in providing a sales structure and how to deliver it. Darren’s approach to clients will always be friendly and ambitious with a strict sales framework; guaranteeing big results quickly. With an unswerving commitment to helping people forge a deeper understanding of their role within the business, he looks forward to getting you and your team realising their potential.

Amali Daniels

Admin/Operations consultant

Amali Is the youngest member of the MJB team at the age of 20, already having 3 years of experience in administration. He has been working since he got out of school and now has taken on the role of admin and making sure that the operations of the MJB Team is organized and running smoothly so that everyone can work efficiently. Amali has developed a range of skills and has written a company manual for MJB. Amali is a very confident and ambitious individual; having the potential to unlimited progression. Amali has also very good networking skills, creating relationships with people that are fruitful and long lasting. Amali is welcoming, considerate, forward thinking and positive.

Nigel Brookes

Sales Consultant

Nigel Brookes' passion lies in building futures. As a Senior Consultant of the MJB Graham Sales consultancy he currently represents Manchester and the North West of England making it his mission to make peoples dreams a reality. The vehicle for doing this is delivering increased sales and maximum profits. With 10 years experience in Sales following a career in the customer service industry Nigel uses his "sales through service" demeanour to deliver key sales skills and change peoples lives forever. Having been a sales manager in the telecommunications industry and an account manager selling to healthcare providers in the past, Nigel has experience at both the fast-paced and steadier paced ends of the sales arena. With a strong background in coaching Nigel has made it his goal to pass on skills he's developed and aid others in building their dream futures today.

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