Gary Corbett

United Kingdom

I joined SME Skills Academy to have the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience of over 20 years in business management to help small businesses of all types to succeed and grow.

I have been the General Manager of 3 different companies in 3 different countries with responsibility for sales, P&L, business performance and growth and understand the challenges associated with developing and managing an efficient and consistently productive sales funnel in an ever-changing world.

I come from an engineering background: I have a PhD in engineering from UMIST and was a lecturer for 5 years at Aberdeen University, where I taught on various Masters and Bachelors programmes.  I have never lost interest in teaching, coaching and mentoring and enjoy immensely working with, and learning from, other like-minded entrepreneurs to achieve business goals and be involved in business success stories.

Gary in a nutshell:

•    International business manager with over 20 years overseas experience
•    Ex-University Lecturer with teaching and coaching background
•    Passionate about making businesses succeed
•    Loves to teach, but prefers to learn


A favourite quote: "A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting."  Carlos Casteñeda