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consultancy business
Make £100K a year!

The SME Skills Franchise Programme is a tried and tested programme, designed to enable you to run your own successful consultancy.

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How it works:
  1. You will be fully trained on how to go and get clients in a systemised fashion

  2. You will be fully trained on how to train and work with clients

  3. You will have all the SME SKills material at your disposal to help you grow your business

  4. You will have access to all the SME SKills collateral

  5. You will have the SME SKills head office fully supporting you with: sending out invoices, sending out contracts, chasing invoices and contracts 

  6. You and your clients will be part of a bigger team- this will help you to massively grow your business 

  7. By being part of the SME SKills team, you automatically enter a strong support network

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