Are You Ready To Accept The Challenge & Supercharge Your Sales In 2020?

Have you ever wanted to run a business, have fun and make 6 or even 7 figures?

For 95% of small and medium sized companies in the UK, SALES can be one of the most challenging parts of running a successful business!

Running a business should be one of the most fun, dynamic and exciting things you will ever do in your life- however without the ability to generate and grow your sales it can often be a painful experience.


At this event we'll be covering:

  • The 4 Key pillars to generating sales in any industry

  • The 5 key business pillars to help you grow - even in a recession

  • How to increase your sales turnover by 300% in 6 months

  • How to generate higher paying clients

  • How to triple your billing with the same number/ or with even fewer clients

  • The secrets behind a strong sales strategy

  • Most importantly how to have fun with your business and build a machine that can work without you needing to be the main sales person!


An opportunity not to be missed!

This event is right for you if:

  • You run your own business

  • Your serious about growing your client base

  • You'd be excited to make more money

  • Your looking for a way to generate more leads


So key things to consider:

  • Have you been running your business for a few months/ years and are struggling to generate more clients?

  • Would you be excited to increase your sales by 300%?

  • Are you in a position where you can grow and take on more clients?


If you answered yes then do come down and join us!


The event will be a great opportunity to develop your knowledge and also network with likeminded individuals.


The actual event


We are aiming for this event to be informative and useful for networking. Therefore by attending you can expect the following:

  • Opportunity to network with the SME team

  • To engage in networking with businesses from all over the UK

  • To learn how to create a dynamic and effective sales plan for your business

  • To network with like minded people

  • To have a ton of FUN

  • The day will last from 10am - 4pm

  • The day will be filled with interactive talks and excercises to help you become more effective with your sales for your business

  • there will be a sandwich lunch provided which is included in your ticket price

  • Tickets are limited to maximum of 25 Attendees!

Who we are!


We are an international business consultancy with offices in Europe, the Far East and South America. As a business we are all about helping individuals and organisations with projects which enable fast and sustainable growth.


We have helped and supported SME’s, corporates and individuals with their busienss operations by having a team of highly trained business consultants to ensure that our clients continue their growth plan. We continue to help them live, learn and succeed so they can gain back the control and decide the fate of their business.


It is what we live for and it is the legacy that we want to leave behind. As a company we strive to deliver events, consultancy and advice to ensure that the learning experience with us is memorable and fulfilling.


Most importantly our motto is: ''When sales matter we deliver!''


For more information please visit our website:


We look forward to meeting you at the event!

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