If I told you I could help you get more clients and double your business in

6-12 months, would you believe me?


From The Desk of Darren Garraghan

Cheltenham, UK

Dear Friend,

A few years ago I looked into developing a website and running my own business as a digital entrepreneur.


A very popular decision these days for those wanting to earn a primary or even secondary income in today's job market.


The ideas of: 'Make money whilst you sleep', 'Live a digital lifestyle', 'run an entire business from the comfort of your dressing gown' all sounded great to me and even 

now I could easily leap at any one of those strap lines because I still find them appealing, despite those of you that know me well enough knowing that I love meeting and chatting with people face to face, however, my real passion is people and finding out more about you, your passions and your goals.

I know, I know... I must be a weirdo or something but in a previous life I was an actor and that experience was invaluable to me.


The art of communicating with people is exactly that, an art.


Being able to read people and adapting to reactions was an instilled quality so that every environment becomes a stage.


So let me formally introduce myself, I'm Darren Garraghan and having 'done-the-rounds' in 'selling' a variety of products and services from high ticket items to VIP packages right through to selling toys; I've encountered every customer at every level and I've always followed the mantra that people buy from people.


That's why I love what I do.


Being a business and sales coach has allowed me help and educate SMEs in providing a sales structure and how to deliver it.

So, what about that statement I made earlier?

Ahh... yes, well let me explain further.

Over the past 3 years I have been helping business professionals, just like you, grow their businesses.

And yes, it is a very bold statement... 


"We guarantee to double your turnover in 6-12 months with a money back guarantee if we can’t do what we say we can."


Okay Darren, "what magic pill do I have to take", I hear you say.

And I do understand your concerns, what with all the fake-preneurs out there.

But listen, here at The SME Skills Academy, we teach the 4 pillars of sales; Attitude, Strategy, Process and Pitch.


If you adopt them to your business you will see unbelievable changes quickly.

The days of ‘hard-sales’ are over, we don’t train it or even endorse it. We have a strict sales framework which just means that with more efficiency you will notice a dramatic change in your turnover.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Also, please, please, please don’t sign up to the ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality that your competition will be waiting for; get ahead of the game so you can actually see the difference at the start of 2019.

There’s no point in marketing your business to the world if you don’t actually know how to sell your product or service.

I can and will personally help, guide and support you to ensure you stay on track and achieve your revenue goal.

I’m only looking for clients that are actually looking to aggressively grow their business and increase their turnover.

At the very least we expect you to double your turnover in 6-12 months.


If you’re in an aggressive marketplace where you see your competition are taking over, stop competing!

It doesn’t matter what you think you do; your job is sales; you have to be able to sell your product, service or even yourself. If you can’t effectively manage that, your business will remain static.

Don’t be another business on the ever-growing percentages of SMEs that have fallen due to not making a change. Unfortunately, the statistics are too high, not in favour of SMEs that can’t keep afloat in the modern world.

One last thing, let me ask you this...

Close your eyes and hold the thought that just one year from now, your business could have doubled in size.

How would that make you feel?

What would that do for your business?

What would that do for your personal life?

If you don't think that is worth one-hour of your time today, then I can't help you anyway.

The choice and success is yours.

You make the call.

To your success

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