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November 2, 2018

Leading by following…up.

I did a speaking gig earlier this year and followed up an attendee on the off chance they might buy by sending some case studies over. We traded emails trying to find a suitable time to meet to discuss a discovery session to discuss elevating their sales. I added value to the prospect by inviting them to events I was running and sending educational material and content.

When I write this out as a storyboard of contact between us I reached no less than 12 interactions. This includes the involvement of a separate prospect who was a mutual contact reaching out for a ‘reference’ from the previous prospect about my character and the service I provide.

Needless to say my patience and persistence paid off as the prospect is now enrolled on my Hypergrowth program and could potentially surpass their 6 month target of doubled turnover in month 2 if they continue to grow with the current rate for the rest of the month. I’m writing this 2 weeks into the...

August 18, 2018

Those of you that saw my latest video on communicating value (Adding Value video) will know that recently my mindset got blindsided, I received news affecting me in a way that I didn't expect. I followed up on a prospect I met some months ago, seemed like a promising opportunity for me, the director was torn between running the company and keeping his hand on training his new sales recruit. A gift opportunity for a sales consultant:

"Enlist me to train your staff, you can run the company and hire some more sales and implementation staff when we're done because you'll need them at that time and together we will make this company fly!"

I made the rookie mistake of taking the director - being self-proclaimed at 'good at sales' - at his word and didn't feel it necessary to follow through to show the value I had to give and highlight WHY there was a NEED to utilise my service.

There was no urgency created which I would normally raise, there was a finite amount of passion...

June 23, 2018

How do you break out of your niche? How can you plan to double or triple your sales and get a decision from every customer? How can you treat every customer the same if everyone is different?

The last time you went on a trip, part of that probably involved some form of planning or itinerary of the journey. You will have mapped out how you were going to get from Point 'A' to Point 'B'...and maybe if like me you have small children had to include stops 'C' through 'K' just to drag things out a bit. I just made a basic analogy for a route through life didn't I? Maybe you believe in fate or destiny: what will be will be: Que sera sera etc. Maybe you think that life and your level of success has glass roof or that you have a niche and stuck where you are in life and your business or skill-sets ultimately have an anchor to your activity stopping you from 'making it' or getting there.

If this is the case, you need to develop your sales mindset: there is no room without doo...

June 23, 2018

Is it a secret? No! Is it painstakingly obvious? Maybe...like an optical illusion, the one that's all black and white squares hiding a picture of a boat which takes a few minutes to see. Do you need to know this? Yes!!!

But like most things: it's simply the case of looking at the same thing you always do from a different perspective or "frame of reference" as my Physics teacher used to say.

I felt it important to write this article because once I started to appreciate this formula I started seeing a huge difference in the way I conducted myself at work. My focus-targets shifted, I did a self-analysis (the hardest analysis there is) and cut myself away from ankle weights that were stopping me from reaching my potential. You might say I cleansed my sales attitude and put some premium "motion lotion" into my "get-up-and-go" engine.

I was meeting prospects and passing on the passion I have for what I do and helping them to see the difference between where they are and wh...

May 2, 2018

I saw a question in one of my news-feeds this week about pricing a product and when you should reveal the price to prospects: upfront in your proposal or not? Initially my first thought went to my blog article entitled 'Sales Over Marketing' and how many marketers would probably do something akin to an information dump and hope that the prospect generates their own buying impulse from what they receive and make a decision.

But then after reading ALL the comments of people brave enough to have a go at venturing 'WHAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO IS: (#contrastingopinion)' I thought there is a lot of people in business who have found their own way as there is - to quote one of my daughters favourite Disney films (Rescuers 2) - "more than 1 way to skin a cat", a gruesome notion I agree but it concisely communicates the point and invokes an emotional response which I will explain the significance of later.

The same is true that there are many ways to get from where I live to Lo...

April 28, 2018

A few years ago I looked into developing a website and running my own business as a digital entrepreneur.

A very popular decision these days for those wanting to earn a primary or even secondary income in today's job market.

The ideas of: 'Make money whilst you sleep', 'Live a digital lifestyle', 'run an entire business from the comfort of your dressing gown' all sounded great to me and even now I could easily leap at any one of those strap lines because I still find them appealing, despite those of you that know me well enough knowing that I love meeting and chatting with people face to face, love working in a suit and love the buzz of closing a deal which you very much need to be awake for.

The purpose of this article is to try to educate people from falling into a frame of mind that I think a lot of people do when making this type of professional decision:


Put in that sentence in this way it sounds like...

March 29, 2018

Getting out of bed in the morning sometimes, used to be a struggle before I started treating my Sales Attitude like a companion: along for the journey, never absent and directly responsible for my activity, productivity and mental wellbeing.

Your mindset and sales attitude in particular, isn't just about feeling chirpy all the time, or always having a smile on your face; its bouncing back from a bad day, picking yourself up after you've been chewed up by a bad sales meeting or pitch that went wrong, or putting the personal demons aside to go the extra mile, smash your targets and get the prize. 

As a student of Biology I’m fascinated by theories about the greatest evolutionary advance in the history of our species such as:

- Standing upright

- The development of speech

- The opposable thumb

I believe that possibly one of the greatest but rarely mentioned was the development of cooking food. The idea that heating food breaks up cell walls within so when it is consumed mo...

March 2, 2018

Navigation, defined as getting from one place to another throughout history, has leaned on three basic principles, knowing:

- Where do you want to go

- A constant to measure the journey by: typically where North is

- Where you are starting from

This is true of any journey, the one that interests me is getting from what your business turns over now, to what do you want your turnover to be at the end of this financial period?

Let me ask you:

How do you know what you are going to take home this year?

How are you getting on this year vs. last year?  

How are you progressing with Prospect number 4 or 12 or 7?  

In order to navigate our businesses to heights, such as doubling last year’s turnover, you need to follow these three basic principles:

- What turnover value do you want to get to this year?  Make a target!

- Use constant sales strategy and process to bring in the sales to get you there.  Plan a means to get you there & stick to the plan!

- Record where you are starting fro...

February 16, 2018

No doubt you've heard the expression: "People buy from people", no news there.  

But why is that the case? Exceptional sales people understand that in order to make sales, it is imperative that you earn your prospects trust.  

Basic sales lessons will advise you of acronyms like A.L.F.: Always Listen First, A.B.C. - Always Be Closing, F.A.B. - Features, Action and Benefit or K.I.S.S. - Keep It Short and Simple.  

All of these have their place, but in this article I'll outline another method to adjust your approach to dealing with prospects.  You need to understand that each prospect you interact with, will be a different person, so you need to adapt to each and every one.

How should you adjust your approach?

The simplest way to engage with your prospect, is to try and identify what sort of sales approach will complement their buying style.  It’s no secret that we all have different buying styles, some people like to browse and make an informed decision over time, other...

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November 2, 2018

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