Optimise yourself… You can have it all! Part 2

So, how did you get on with writing out your detailed goals in Part 1? Easier than you thought? If you went through and answered each question in detail, what you should have ended up with is a clearer picture of what your goal is, what it means to you, why you want to achieve it, how you will achieve it and by when… if you now have all of this written down… Well done! This is a huge step in the right direction… In my previous post we were looking at the meaning of the word ‘optimise’, and as promised, we’re going to continue to explore this phenomenal word in a bit more detail… *To plan or carry out (an economic activity) with maximum efficiency This is easier said than done for some of the

Optimise yourself… You can have it all! Part 1

So who feels like they could do a better job of managing their time? Every single one of us… I love quality time with my nearest & dearest, letting my hair down, great food & wine and going on some sort of holiday 6 times a year — so you could say I’m on a quest to prove (to myself more than anyone else I hasten to add) that you can have it all! Now ‘having it all’ will mean something different to each of us… and usually compromises of a number of things… For me it means having a work/life balance, quality time with those I care about, enjoying the work I do, experiencing as much of life and this world as possible, making a difference, funding a fabulous lifestyle, whilst doing sensible thin

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