How many dead cats do you have in your sales pipeline? Why you need to be brave and look inside the

Disclaimer: No imaginary cats were harmed during the writing of this blog. When you are growing a business a large part of your effort is focused on getting your message out there and generating enquiries and leads for your new business. You work hard at defining your niche, identifying your target market and directing your marketing activity for maximum effect. Slowly, but surely, those enquiries start to build. You diligently log every one of them, and you watch the list develop. Over the days and weeks as your list grows so does your confidence. It’s incredibly exciting and encouraging to see the number of your opportunities grow – soon the length of the list validates your decision to be

Value Vs. Price...It's All In The Pitch.

I saw a question in one of my news-feeds this week about pricing a product and when you should reveal the price to prospects: upfront in your proposal or not? Initially my first thought went to my blog article entitled 'Sales Over Marketing' and how many marketers would probably do something akin to an information dump and hope that the prospect generates their own buying impulse from what they receive and make a decision. But then after reading ALL the comments of people brave enough to have a go at venturing 'WHAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO IS: (#contrastingopinion)' I thought there is a lot of people in business who have found their own way as there is - to quote one of my daughters favourite D

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