Adarsh Shah

We have partnered up with Adarsh Shah and his company Cash Flow Consultancy to provide our clients with funding and finance advice and structure.

Adarsh has been assisting businesses in finance for over 15 years. He specialises in raising finance, restructuring finance deals and consulting on finance issues. His first 4 years were in paid employment for a finance house and since then he has established and grown his company Cash Flow Consultancy.

His clients benefit from his expertise, experience and the fact that he is an independent. His interactions are usually with business owners, finance directors, managing directors, partners and decision-making executives whose businesses are in need of non-traditional finance and their lack of an expert view is creating a hole in the cash flow. This has a straight knock-on effect on the supply chain, credit terms offered and bottom line sales. Adarsh works with his clients to identify the issues, solve the problem and secure favourable funding at the same time!

Adarsh is always happy to chat through any finance or funding requirements where he can help you to understand what would suit the business. He has plenty of solutions like commercial loans, trade finance, invoice finance, asset finance to name a few.

His latest project has been to implementing relevant cashflow solutions for a client in need of restructuring and refinancing current facilities to aid acquisitions and growth.