Abigail Capstick

United Kingdom

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I have been with SME Skills Academy since December 2018 . My story is slightly different from the other consultants as I was a client of the Academy. I fell in love with the programme after the success of more than doubling my companies turnover in a 5 month period and trained as a consultant myself.

My consultant was Nigel Brookes and he quickly could see where I could improve my sales in the events business I own. His passion for seeing me succeed was amazing he trained me to see myself as the expert I was in my industry, to understand how to communicate my value effectively to my target market. I started making higher value sales easily from having an unshakable mindset and a new found belief in myself as the expert.

I was using channels to reach my customers I had never used or had previously shied away from. Nigel kept me accountable for my actions and activity in the business his call each week was always focused, if I was struggling with something or a potential customer he would role play the situation with me or help me find the solution to keep my prospects interested and excited about events with me.

I still run this business now and it continues to grow with the skills the programme has taught me.


Training has always been a massive part of my life. A large portion of my career has been working in the care sector running residential homes for adults with mental health problems and learning disabilities, managing large staff teams and clients. Selecting the right staff and training them well is paramount to any business.

I have a massive passion to see and help those around me succeed. Working with SME Skills Academy allows me to use all my skills and passion to do exactly that. I love helping our franchisees build their consultancies so they can achieve results for themselves, building a business that allows them the choices and opportunities they want from life.

Onboarding the right people to the Franchisee opportunity is KEY for me. Highly motivated, passionate people, looking for the opportunity to help business owners and themselves achieve financial freedom.


‘’The sky is not the limit, only peoples self limiting beliefs are. I want to find people who can empower others to become the experts in their fields, find the right target markets and understand that value is always king in the marketplace no matter what the industry. It's not about making the sale it is about solving problems’’

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